Cosmetic Surgery: An Inside Look

It is possible to trace the history of Plastic Surgery back into antiquity. Ancient Indian medical practitioners began using skin grafts as early as 8th-century BC, go here.

Susrutha an Indian physician of ancient times constructed the very 1st documented nose. From the forehead, a piece of skin was removed. In the past, an amputation was punishable under old Indian laws.

Few centuries later, Romans fixed damaged ears by using simple techniques. In Europe in the 1800s, plastic surgeon Heinrich von Pfolspeundt sutured skin from an arm’s back.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, plastic surgery as a practice and science advanced. This was the result of plastic surgeries being viewed earlier as dangerous.

John Peter Mettauer became the first American surgeon to specialize in plastic surgery. His first operation was to repair a lip-and-palate cleft in 1827. He designed his own surgical tools and materials.

Sir Harold Gillies, the creator of plastic surgery as we know it today was Sir Harold Gillies. He was the inventor of many plastic surgery techniques. Sir Gillies was involved in the treatment of patients that had been injured by facial traumas during World War I.

Definition of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery includes any type of treatment, manual operation or surgical procedure carried out manually or by instruments with functional or cosmetic purposes.

In plastic surgeys the Greek for “plastics” is mould or shape.

Plastic surgery currently has two primary areas. Two of the most important areas in plastic surgery include:

Reconstructive surgery. Plastic surgery covers or fixes damage on the outside of the body, or to the face. In this kind of plastic surgical procedure, the defects are repaired by using flaps that have been grafted from different regions, such as local or distant. Using this method, tissue can be taken from another region of the human anatomy.

The most popular plastic surgery procedure today is cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. This type of plastic surgery is done when the patient wants to improve or alter features of their body or face that are considered unflattering. The breasts can be reduced or implants placed.