The Ultimate Guide to Carpet Cleaning

Maybe you spilled coffee all over your rug or perhaps the kids made art using grape juice. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, cleaning carpets in Mosman can be a difficult task. Do not worry! The guide below is the ultimate tool to help you give your carpet a clean, new look. We’ll get right to it, more about the author!

1. Vacuum Regularly:

Begin with the basics. The regular vacuuming of your carpet will help remove hairs, dust and other debris. It is best to vacuum high-traffic zones twice a weekly. One week per area is enough for less-trafficked areas. For maximum efficiency, change your vacuum bags or regularly clean the container.

2. DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Check your kitchen before reaching for the expensive cleaner. Mixing white vinegar with water works wonders. When it comes to tougher stains such as wine and coffee, club soda is an excellent solution. Before applying any solution to a large area, test it on a small spot first.

3. Professional Cleaning

When in doubt, call the experts. The carpet cleaners in Mosman use heavy duty machinery to get rid of stubborn stains. You should aim to have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once per year.

4. How to clean a Spot:

Fast action is required! It is easier to clean up spills if they are cleaned as soon as possible. Use a paper or cloth towel to blot the spill (do not rub). This will absorb it as much as you can. Use your preferred cleaning solution next. Keep in mind the golden rule. You should always wipe from the outside to the inside of the stain.

5. Adopt a “no-shoe” policy

No shoes allowed indoors is a simple but effective solution to keeping your carpet cleaner. Shoes are a source of dirt, mud, and unwanted material that can easily dirty carpets.

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