Polyurethane Magic: Demystifying Underpinning Injection in Melbourne

Ah, Melbourne! Melbourne, the city with endless lanes, captivating street artwork, and…foundation problems? You read it correctly. Underpinning Melbourne homes is essential due to the city’s diverse soil types and challenges. Polyurethane underpinning is the superhero of foundation problems. What’s behind this technique? Let’s crack the code and enjoy a cup of coffee. Our portfolio.

What you need to know:

Imagine filling up a pie with cream. You want to make sure that every corner and crevice gets its share. The polyurethane underpinnings are not much different. The ‘pastry,’ in this case, is the soil beneath your house, while the “cream”, or polyurethane, is the resin. This resin expands when injected and fills voids. It also consolidates the soil to stabilize the foundation.

Step-by-Step Process:

Experts assess the site before any magic can happen. The experts check for damage and soil types, as well as the need to underpin certain areas.

Drill Baby Drill! Drilling small holes at strategic locations into affected areas of the foundation is done. Do not worry, these holes aren’t like those that plague Melbourne roads.

It’s time to inject the polyurethane. When it comes into contact with ground, the polyurethane resin begins to expand.

Expanding and solidifying: The resin, as it expands fills in voids and consolidates loose soil. It also exerts upward pressure, lifting concrete slabs that have sunk. It becomes a durable and robust base once it has solidified.

Last Checks: After the final checks, the team will check to make sure everything is in place. What about the holes that were drilled? The holes are sealed to leave minimal trace of the procedure.

Melbourne is a city that loves its people:

This method is also relatively non-invasive. The days of huge excavations that turned homes into archeological dig sites are over! The resin also cures quickly, allowing homeowners to get back into their normal routine quicker.

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