Making a music Video: Some tips for beginners

In the music business, the most effective way to gain visibility is through the use of music videos. Music videos have been an important way to gain fame and recognition, regardless of whether they were on MTV or YouTube. Music videos can convince listeners to enjoy a band, even if their song isn’t that good. Music videos are a way for bands to reach a wider audience. However, every new band wonders, “What is a good one?” How to create a good music video is actually so simple, it can be confusing. See list absolute¬†for get more info.

Have you ever seen a music clip? There is always a consistent theme in music videos. The theme could be humor or a creepy vibe. This could include a specific theme like the breakup. Some videos just show random footage of the actors playing or acting out random things. Most people remember videos that are purposeful. Step one in creating your music video involves developing a sort of plotline. It’s easy to do. Just draw nine boxes on paper. Then, draw whatever scenes come into your head in those boxes. The next step is to see if it all makes sense.

The step is more of a prerequisite. You should invest some money into your camera if you want to have a good music video. The music video on your mobile phone is not worth watching. To prove this point, I will ask you, my reader, if you have ever liked watching videos that your friends begged you watch on their phones. You’re right, in case you weren’t aware.

Now that you have the plotline and music for your video, it’s time to start making one. The placement of the video will be a major giveaway to an unprofessional one. When someone is playing a great guitar solo, with just a basic drumbeat and simple bass riffs, it’s not a good idea to record the drummer. It is best to place the guitar player in the middle with the drummer, and/or bassist, behind him. If you’re doing a romance scene, the same rule applies. A married couple embracing is not the place to put heavy metal. Then you’d need to play a slower or more melodic riff. Otherwise, you’ll be bringing your video closer to the “random clip” idea. This is not a good thing.

After you record it, spend some time editing. It’s important that your voice is not even half a second away from the video. Many programs are available for video editing. Most of them cost less than $100. What you put in will come out. The sweet rewards will come if you spend money, put in effort and have time. All of this reminds me of simpler things. But that is the secret to making a great music video.

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