Chinese Painting: Techniques

Chinese art includes landscapes and figure paintings as well. By introducing and analyzing masterworks of Chinese paintings, you’ll gain a better understanding of the historical and theoretical issues of Chinese painting. Understanding the Chinese Painting process will help you learn how to use the different brushworks. The techniques will be used to create your own art and you are encouraged to experiment with it, click here for more info.

Chinese Painting: Techniques

Four Gentlemen’s painting

This four-man group is referring to the orchids.

Aquatic Life Fishes Painters

This topic was used by the artists to show their passion for the ideal life.

Lotus and Color Paintings

Lotus represents a gentleman of distinction. Priority will be given to the styles of painting, and history of lotus. Zhang Daqian invented many techniques for depicting the lotus.

Landscape Painting

The ancient artists created their landscapes in different ways. This included creating masterpieces, sketching them out and traveling to express emotions. It was also used to conserve and maintain the water supply and cultivate a lofty and independent personality.

The term “traditional Chinese painting” is used by the Chinese to refer to their unique, traditional art. This form uses pigments, brushes, inksticks (ink plates), papers, and other materials to create both imaginary and realistic objects. These genres are scroll paintings and mural paintings. They also include New Year pictures.

Chinese art cannot be classified into a single category. The art is not scientific. Both ink-wash and color-inks, along with oil, watercolour and engraving, can be classified according the tool and materials used. Chinese painting is classified by their use. The Chinese paintings can be classified into four categories: serial pictures (also called mural pictures), Chinese New Year images (also known as illustrations), and illustrations. Chinese paintings are divided into Landscape Painting and Figure Painting. Chinese art is a masterpiece of world class, with its unique techniques and style. It’s comparable to western oil paintings. Chinese traditional art is characterized by a strong emphasis on the form of the object, the expressiveness of the objects’ essence and vibrant, energetic and lively pictures. Chinese artists have relentlessly pursued the ideal of Oriental art.

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