Assuring the Quality of Your Commercial Paint

There are a few ways that commercial painting is different than residential. In hiring a contractor for commercial painting, it is important to take into account the experience of both the company and its employees, as well as the reputation they have in the industry. The most important thing to consider is that the painter can do the job easily. Go here!

The simple, but crucial step you take will ensure your project does not cost more than budgeted or takes too long. This can be a very different experience from the residential painter in several ways.

You should always consider whether the painter you’re considering is qualified to do the work. It’s possible that a painter is in over his head if they can’t provide references for similar jobs. Also, do not believe any residential painters who say they will be able to handle a commercial project. They should be avoided unless they have done the job before. The interior and exterior of your company is not the place to test a painter.

You can easily check if your contractor is capable of handling the project you have in mind by asking for a reference list and/or portfolios of work similar to the one that’s being proposed. A contractor or painter that refuses your request is not worth the work. It is also expected, that when requesting quotes from a painter or contractor, they will have multiple offers depending on the overall scope of work. For your own safety, you should get the quotes written down.

Additional, it is not something that can be stressed enough, but make sure to verify the licensing and insurance for any commercial painting contractors. In terms of commercial painting, both licensing and coverage are important. They are also slightly different from those for residential work. Do not hire painters who do not have proper documents to support their work.

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