Some Of The Biggest Employers Who Need Welders: Utilities

 If you’re wondering, where will you be able to find work easily after taking classes and having a certification, well worry not since there are lots of people who are willing to hire competent welding workers. The career is considered to be in demand because a lot of fields require it and many companies are short of reliable and skilled welding professionals and trade workers.

When it comes to industries, the four most common ones for welding are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • wholesale trade 
  • other services (such as plumbing and being an electrician for commercial enterprises)

Here are the states that are in demand of welders –in other words, they have the highest levels of employment for the welding career due to their conditions such as the availability of utilities.

  • California
    • The infrastructure for water on which the state relies needs repairing and maintenance. Other than that, the most common opportunity to be found here is one in the manufacturing sector (Bakersfield is also the top paying area for welding).
  • Texas
    • This is considered as the capital for welding jobs since they have the highest rate of employment for the career. A lot of industries offer available positions which means choosing between automotive welding, pipeline welding, industrial manufacturing, and ship, and boat building will be one of your positive confusions. 
  • Pennsylvania
    • It was quite famous for its steel industry but now, oil and gas companies are way ahead. Tasks here usually involve pipelines now.
  • Ohio
    • This one also has a great level of employment rate for a non-metropolitan area in terms of the welding occupation.
  • Louisiana 
    • It has one of the highest annual mean wages for welders as well as being a state to have one of the highest levels of employment. This wouldn’t be a shock since Louisiana is known to have the highest concentration of jobs compared to other states.

In addition to that, here is also the best welding utilities:

  • Space X (manufacturing aerospace things)
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries (biggest military shipbuilding company)
  • Caterpillar, Inc (Produces industrial turbines)
  • General Dynamics Electric Boat (A main submarine builder for the US Navy)
  • General Electric Co. (About energy production)

When looking for a great job opportunity within the industry, patience and effort is needed. By looking into details and researching, you will know the considerations that must be given. Just make sure to reach the standards and requirements such as the certifications, skills, and experience needed. Check some available career services to have a lead of the available jobs.